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IVF Cost India

Now the IVF treatment is available at the cheapest price in the world.

The IVF cost India is the first attractive point for the patient that is coming from the oversea for the IVF treatment because the price of IVF in their home country is too high and with the complete facility they need the right price of the treatment which is only available in the different locations of India with including the IVF cost Mumbai with the name of the different location the next thing that will hit in the mind of the patient that may be the facility and the services that we are providing will change with the place so nothing is like that because the main sign of success of the fertility India clinic is famous for the fertility treatment cost India and the nuances facility that we provide to the patient. Yes! we agree with the fact that we provide services and the treatment of cheapest IVF India even the success rate and the success story are too high with the other countries as well basically we have the both the facility and the best IVF charges India. No look at the some of the facility that the patient from the other country get from us and come again or suggest the others to have the treatment of IVF with us.

Compared to countries like US Canada and others the cost of IVF treatment is very less. It is less than half.

The primary reason for higher cost in these countries is due to the expensive facilities medical devices etc. which are available at less price in India.

IVF specialists in India are highly educated with years of experience.

Specialists are also well versed in communicating in English, which makes patients feel comfortable as they can explain their condition in detail. This is an added advantage compared to doctors in competing countries like Brazil, Thailand, Mexico and others.

Make sure that if you are visiting any of the IVF clinics so look at the rates and the packages that they are providing because as compared the packages to the other nations U.S.A, UK, Ireland and Japan. Even The price list of USA IVF cost is around $12,400, on the other hand, the price of IVF in Ireland is approximate $ 4,000, but the rate of IVF in Japan is $24,500. So if any of you will compare the IVF price and India treatment of IVF in India is $3000 to 4000 very low and reasonable.

There are other benefits only on that basis most of the international patient are now interested t have IVF treatment in India. First of all the availability of every kind of sperm and egg donor. Any IVF seeker either they are from Spain or from Africa they can easily get egg and sperm for Africa, China, Thai, and Spanish. For the national patients they can get egg and sperm for any state if you are state oriented so the egg and sperm are available for different states and different religion as well.

The cost of infertility treatment is divided into three parts:

Pre-treatment Expenses: In the procedure of pre-treatment expenses includes egg pick embryos transfer procedure airport transfers complete IVF and ICSI procedure and the complete internist procedure that includes male and female investigation blood and ultrasounds tests.

IVF treatment cycle costs:
this procedure includes blood tests pathology ultrasounds standard medications and nursing care or support.

Advanced science costs:
If you want the advanced treatment with the advanced diagnosis and excellent Doctors so the cost of all these procedure is separated from other procedure.

The age of the women affects the cost of IVF treatment because the older patients receive the higher doses of stimulation medication for longer periods of time. The type of IVF cycle you choose also affects the cost of IVF such as using donor eggs require the fees of donor agency fees and other screening and lab charges which will increase the cost of IVF. IVF with surrogacy includes the cost of recruiting and screening the surrogate mother legal fees and the surrogate fees for her services.

IVF charges India before the IVF Cycle:

Sonohysterogram: It is an ultrasound procedure in which saline in instilled into the uterus to detect possible abnormalities inside the lining which may adversely affect pregnancy.

Trial Transfer:
The procedure consists of an ultrasound and a placement of a tiny catheter inside the uterus to determine the length and the direction of the uterine cavity before the IVF cycle starts.

Semen Analysis:
It measures the volume and count to determine if more advanced techniques such as ICSI should be used for successful fertilization.

Semen Culture:
It is done to identify any bacteria existing in the semen which may adversely affect the successful IVF treatment.

Levels of FSH:
It measures the baseline of the Follicle Stimulating Hormone which present in a woman's body. The test is done by the blood draw, and it is done basically on the second or third day of the menstrual cycle. It provides an indirect indicator of egg quality.

Initial Visit:
Your initial visit at IVF clinic includes meeting with your IVF specialist to review your case perform a physical examination and possibly an ultrasound if required. Your first visit may include a consultation with a financial coordinator to review treatment costs financing options and insurance coverage.

Plan your trip before coming to India for the IVF treatment

Even the medical reports with including all the tests and the ultra sound because that will decide that what kind of IVF procedure will be more suitable for the patient. The If the patient is arriving India, so before arriving here she should communicate with IVF specialist and send them, their medical report on which premises the Doctor can find out the reason and how long the infertility is? After the confirmation of the appointment, the patient will visit 2nd day of the period at the infertility clinic and, in any case, the periods are regular so try to visit in the same month. If you are planning to have IVF with egg donor so the patient should arrive at the 9th day of the period and have to take hormonal injection before the patient is arriving in India after it the woman’s egg has been taken to make embryos upside the body after the complete procedure the embryos transfer to the woman’s uterus. Even two or three days after it the patient can easily travel in their country.
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