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ACME fertility center: A clinic that stand for the successful IVF treatment and the great achievements.

Good success rate, the personalized treatment, experienced doctor and the reasonable price can attract any of the patients. These entire emphasis factor the patient can easily find in us but there are something that is completely unique and different, the patient is free to interact with us and explain their problem to us even our first step is to listen closely and assess your need carefully. We discuss every case individually to provide the personal and specialized care you deserve because for us your life and happiness special.

Fertility Services In Mumbai.

For the comfort and on the demand of the public now the ACME fertility services are now available in Mumbai as well. If you are thinking that the location is changed so the services and the facility procedure will also get changed so nothing is like that because with the location, there is a increment in the facility and the services of the patient and the best example of it the flight to flight services and get the treatment from the best and the experienced doctor team, the team will not only listen your problem but suggest you to the right direction because in this field many patient get misguided so the patient will guide in the right direction. As we have already said that your life is special for us so for us every patient is special.

Now look at the overview of the fertility treatment:

Success Rate Of The IVF And Surrogacy:

IVF And Surrogacy Procedure     :Success Rate (%)

IVF with self eggs                         : 53%

IVF with donor eggs                     : 65%

Surrogacy with own eggs            : 65%

Surrogacy with donor eggs        : 75%

Clinical Facility With Modern Technology:

The fertility clinic is the only and the only place that can attract any of the treatment to have treatment from us and this quality of the engaging with the patient, have in our clinic. Even the modern technology and the latest technology, we use for the treatment. You will glad to know that we have a dedicated team that is specialized to handle all the procedure and have a great amount of the experience to use all the technology and the modern equipment. The doctor’s teams are enough to handle any of the genetic reason of infertility or any of the medical reason of infertility.

Dedicated team work: In the team of ACME fertility clinics there is totally 4 team member and in the top of them is DR. Neelam Bhise , MS MBBS infertility specialist and endoscopic surgeon, IVF surgeon consultant, and scientific director. The other well-known name in the field of the IVF specialist is Dr. A.H. Nayak, senior gynecologist, and fertility specialist. Sandip Bipte, a specialist in the general surgery and breast disease. Shubhangi Gangal, senior clinical embryologist and BSC in zoology.

ACME fertility clinic is the chamber of the fertility treatment and the best example of it the program that we present with the complete facility.

IVF: In vitro fertilization, we are specialized in the IVF with an egg donor and the self-donor and as we are specialized in the procedure so good success rate and the positive result are the USP of our clinic.

Surrogacy: As IVF, we are also specialized in the surrogacy with self-eggs and the donor eggs. We successfully deliver more than 1000 cases of surrogacy and have a complete procedure step by step that a patient should follow.

Egg Donor: ACME fertility center have both the quality either someone wants to donate eggs or someone want to sue it basically this clinic is the perfect destination for both recipient.

Fibroids surgery: Basically, it means the wall in the womb and it can create the discomfort and the pain for the woman. Most of the time the sign and the symptoms are ignored but when the signs and the symptoms cross their limitations so, on that time the doctor suggest fibroid surgery because it creates the problem in the bladder function which is not good for the health. We performed the surgery with modern equipment and the latest technology.

IVF cost: As compared o the other nation the price of the IVF cost in Mumbai clinics is very reason basically we designed this program within the budget of the patient. To have the treatment at the reasonable, that is the only reason most of the patients are now interested in having the treatment with us.
As the other facility, we are providing the facility to the patient to interact with the previous patient through the mail and the testimonials as well.
Thank you direct from my heart, ACME fertility clinic is the best destination for the treatment and the procedure of the IVF program. Many people misguide us but when we meet ACME fertility clinic so from us is not just the solution but a hope for the happiness for us.

Linda and Sam from the UK
IVF is the first hope for the patient yes it is true but for me and my husband ACME fertility clinic is the first hope because they emerge trusted in us that we will conceive the child after the seven years of marriage.

Veronica and Jordan from America

Thank you so much fertility India clinic not only helping us to conceive the child but to make a dream come true into reality. For us it was very hard to handle the burden of infertility but with a hope of IVF out dream is true and now we are the parent of a baby girl.

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